Список возможных вопросов ко 2 заданию по говорению на ЕГЭ

О чем спросить Как задать вопрос

Age restriction

Is there a minimum/any age restriction (for this film)?

Availability of smth

Is smth available?

Courses available

What courses are available at your school?

Directions to the hotel/gym

How can I get to your hotel?

Discounts for groups/party reductions

Are there any discounts for groups?

Discounts for students

Are there any discounts for students?

Distance from the city center

How far is the (hotel) from the city center?

Duration of the course/tour

How long is the course/tour?/ How long does the course/tour last?

Entrance fee

What is the entrance fee? How much is the ticket? How much does (…) cost?

Hotel facilities

What facilities are available at the hotel?

If breakfast included

Is breakfast included into the price?

Location of the hotel/gym/club

Where is the hotel/gym/club situated/located?

Online (advance) reservation/booking

Can I book a ticket online (in advance)?

Opening hours

When is the club open?

Photo permission/taking pictures

Is it allowed to take pictures during the tour?

Possible accommodation

What kind of accommodation do you offer?

Double/single room price per night

What is the double/single room price per night?

Price of a three-week course

How much is a three-week course? How much do I have to pay for a three-week course?

Refund for a ticket

Can I get a refund for the ticket if I miss the concert?


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8 апреля 2020
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