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17 января 2017
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Описание одной фотографии из предложенных трёх

Шаблон для устной части 3 ЕГЭ по английскому языку.

1 п. I’ve chosen photo number one. As you know, I like taking pictures and I really want to tell you about this picture which I took last winter/ summer. We were visiting our friends in Kazan. We went there for our summer holidays and we were staying at our friend’s house. We go there every year/ month.

2-3 п. In this picture you can see … . They are …-ing. They’ve just/ He’s just … ( Pr. Perfect S.). They are going to … .

4 п. I keep this photo in my album because it reminds me of how happy we were on that day / how interesting it was to go to that museum. And I think this photo turned out really well.

5 п. I decided to show you this photo because you’ve always wanted to see my … . And I knew it would be interesting for you to see this photo. Do you like it?

Автор: Кадырова Айгуль Булатовна.
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