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10 мая 2023
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Тест на словообразование в английском языке

Пробники ЕГЭ по иностранным языкам
2 варианта с ответами.


1. I could always rely on him for__________________(FRIEND) and support.

2. The ___________________(PRODUCE) of basic grains varied among countries.

3. Another factor is the choice of __________________(OCCUPY).

4. He started thinking about all the different ___________________ (POSSIBLE).

5. The doctor she visited is ___________________ (FAME).

6. Some TV presenters want viewers to __________________ (LIKE) them, perhaps because hating them actually makes people keep watching their TV shows.

7. You’d be ____________________ (AMAZE) how much money you can save.

8. Many parents often complain about their children’s ____________________ (APPEAR) because of the modern clothes they wear and their strange haircuts.

9. Going for some fish and chips after a ___________________ (TIRE) day at the seaside gave us a lot of ____________________ (PLEASE).

10. The Cyrillic alphabet is used in ____________________ (VARY) languages, including Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Ukrainian.

11. Reading increases the level of _____________________ (PATIENT) because when you read you need to concentrate or you understand nothing.

12. I’m sure you were polite and _____________________ (RESPECT) as always.

13. The anti-corruption mechanisms were apparently not _______________ (EFFECT).

14. I booked a table at a very ___________________ (STYLE) and __________________ (FASHION) restaurant.

15. Looking at the beautiful and ancient buildings everywhere in Rome, I felt so small and _____________________ (IMPORTANT). What had I ever done to make the world a better place?

16. I think I’m going to enjoy working as a ____________________ (LAW) .

17. I love the ______________________ (FEEL) of being part of a team.

18. I get ______________________ (BORE) if I’m at home on my own all day.

19. Children who play a lot of games are more ___________________ (CREATE) than those who don’t.

20. There are a lot of tourist ______________________ (ATTRACT) in St.Petersburg.

21. If the beds were more ____________________ (COMFORT), we would sleep better.

22. Most non-Russian people ____________________ (PRONOUNCE) the word ‘pirozhki’, the name of a well-known food around the world.

23. Ravi Shankar is a great ______________________ (MUSIC) from India.

24. I fell off my bike last week, but _________________ (LUCK) I wasn’t badly hurt.


1. friendship
2. production
3. occupations
4. possibilities
5. famous
6. dislike
7. amazed
8. appearance
9. tiring, pleasure
10. various
11. patience
12. respectful
13. effective
14. stylish, fashionable
15. unimportant
16. lawyer
17. feeling
18. bored
19. creative
20. attractions
21. comfortable
22. mispronounce
23. musician
24. luckily
Автор: Баженова Л.П.
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