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11 января 2023
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Тест по фразовым глаголам

Пробники ЕГЭ по иностранным языкам
2 варианта.


1. My friend never leaves her house without a ...

A) make up
B) make in
C) make out
D) make off

2. I am thinking about ... football or basketball.

A) taking up
B) taking in
C) taking over
D) taking down

3. Children have a lively imagination, they often ... stories.

A) make off
B) make in
C) make out
D) make up

4. My parents often argue, but they always ... each other quickly.

A) put in
B) put off
C) put up with
D) put out

5. Millie ... her mother in appearance.

A) takes out
B) takes down
C) takes after
D) takes away

6. The new manager will ... next week.

A) take up
B) take over
C) take in
D) take off

7. I’m going to ... my girlfriend ... tonight.

A) take / out
B) take / off
C) take / down
D) take / up

8. We’re looking … to our summer holidays.

A) Down
B) forward
C) aside
D) away

9. Will you look … my son tomorrow?

A) after
B) over
C) up
D) out

10. The old witch turned ___ a young beautiful girl.

A) up
B) down
C) into
D) around

11. Jeremy didn't want to … the wedding any longer.

A) put over
B) put off
C) put by
D) into

12. Look … your neighbors. They seem to be suspicious.

A) in
B) after
C) through
D) out of

13. Keep … from this dog, she bites!

A) away
B) back
C) down
D) in

14. Meredith, you shouldn't turn … an offer from Harvard.

A) into
B) down
C) up
D) of

15. Lily tired to keep … her tears and not to cry in public.

A) on
B) up
C) back
D) down


1) A
2) A
3) D
4) C
5) C
6) B
7) A
8) B
9) A
10) C
11) B
12) D
13) A
14) B
15) C
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