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6 января 2023
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Проверочная работа по английскому языку в 11 классе

Пробники ЕГЭ по иностранным языкам
Mid test.


1. My mother came … a beautiful antique vase at the bazaar.

a) into
b) across
c) with

2. Jane wasn’t really hurt in the accident, she just … her arm and her leg.

a) broke
b) bruised
c) fractured

3. Put these batteries in the recycling bin, they’re not … so we can’t use them again.

a) disposable
b) rechargeable
c) biodegradable

4. He recommended … a burglar alarm to protect the house against thieves.

a) to install
b) installing
c) to installing

5. The painter’s amazing biography made quite an impression … the art students.

a) on 
b) to 
c) for

6. Tommy has no respect … elderly people, he talks to them as if they were his peers.

a) for
b) about
c) to

7. You shouldn’t use Eric’s computer without … him first.

a) to ask
b) you ask
c) asking

8. I haven’t seen Nathan since he … the company.

a) has left
b) had left
c) left

9. I saw Oliver yesterday, but he … to catch the bus, so I didn’t have a chance to talk to him.

a) was running
b) has been running
c) had been running

10. William thinks he is the black … of his family because he’s the only one without a university degree.

a) sheep
b) wolf
c) dog

11. Be careful with that sharp knife! You … yourself.

a) are to cut
b) are going to cut
c) are cutting

12. As a child, Debbie … a lot, but now she speaks quite clearly.

a) stammered
b) whispered
c) groaned

13. The museum doesn’t let visitors … the exhibits.

a) photograph
b) photographing
c) to photograph

14. Their wedding invitation came as a surprise, we didn’t even know they were … !

a) engaged
b) married
c) divorced

15. Who is responsible … organizing the school’s music festival?

a) for
b) about
c) of

16. Cynthia … living in the city center, but now she’s grown tired of it.

a) Would like
b) used to like
c) was used to liking

17. It was … terrible weather that there were hardly any people out in the streets.

a) such a 
b) such
c) so

18. Albert’s classmates often pick … him because he has bright red hair.

a) at 
b) on 
c) of

19. Clever salesmen often trick people … buying things they don’t really need.

a) with
b) against
c) into

20. The police wanted to question James again because they suspected he had kept … important information.

a) away
b) down
c) back

21. Joey always … his fists when he’s angry.

a) clenches
b) folds
c) taps

22. Nick … on the project for hours. I’m sure he’s exhausted.

a) has been working
b) will be working
c) had been working

23. The school … team reaches the finals will enter the state championship.

a) whose
b) that
c) which

24. I’d better see a dentist/ I have this toothache that just won’t go … .

a) away
b) off
c) out

25. When Sarah’s sister is born, Sarah won’t be a (n) … child any more!

a) single
b) foster
c) only


1. b
2. b
3. b
4. b
5. a
6. a
7. c
8. c
9. a
10. a
11. b
12. a
13. a
14. a
15. a
16. b
17. b
18. b
19. c
20. c
21. a
22. a
23. a
24. a
25. c
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