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7 июля 2022
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Вопросы для письма. Задание 39

Пробники ЕГЭ по иностранным языкам
10 тем для написания письма.


1. By the way, we are going to Greece this this summer
- Ask 3 questions about his trip to Greece

2. Next week I’m going hiking with my classmates
- Ask 3 questions about his hiking plans

3. I have some good news! My sister had a great birthday party yesterday!
- Ask 3 questions about her sister’s birthday party

4. Last week my Dad organized a picnic for all our family
- Ask 3 questions about the family picnic

5. This month is my mom’s birthday and now I’m thinking about a gift for her. I want it to be very special.
- Ask 3 questions about his mom

6. My younger sister Ann has started taking swimming lessons
- Ask 3 questions about his sister

7. We have 2 new classmates. They have just moved to our town.
- Ask 3 questions about her new classmates

8. Yesterday my friends and I went to the cinema to watch a new film.
- Ask 3 questions about the new film

9. Next week I’m presenting my project in history
- Ask 3 questions about his project

10. I’ve got a wonderful book as a birthday present
- Ask 3 questions about his new book

1. How long is your trip to Greece going to be?
Where are you going to stay in Greece?
Who are you going to travel with?
Is your trip going to be expensive?

2. What are you going to take with you?
How long are you going to be on the hike?
At what time are going to set off?

3. Where did the party take place?
How long did the party last?
Was there a cozy/homely atmosphere at the party?

4. How long was the picnic?
What food did you have at the family picnic?
Was the picnic near the river or in the park?

5. How old is your mother?
What does your mother like?
What does your mother look like?

6. What is your sister like?
What hobbies does your sister have?
Is your sister hardworking or lazy?
How old is your sister?

7. What are your new classmates’ names?
Where are your new classmates from?
What are they like?
Have they already made new friends?

8. What was the film about?
Who was the film directed by?
Was the film exciting?
Was the film a comedy or an action?

9. What sources of information is your project based on?
How many pages are there in your project?
What events are described in your project?
Are there any pictures or illustrations in your project?
What is the topic of your project?

10. What is the book about?
Who is the author of your new book?
Are there many illustrations in the book?
What events are described in the book?
How many pages are there in the book?
How many chapters are there in the book?
Is it easy to read this book?
Автор: Копанева П.Д.
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