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13 июля 2022
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Пробники ЕГЭ по иностранным языкам
6 заданий.


1. Fill in: long, achieve, attend, drop out, overcome.

1. Work hard and you will … your goal.
2. Every year some students…a course of study.
3. Gina … to become an excellent actress.
4. She wants to … this college.
5. Jack … many obstacles to succeed as a doctor.

2. Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense.

1. If my elder brother went to grandparents, I … (watch TV) in his room.
2. I …(say) hello to you if I had seen you.
3. If I (be) you, I …( have) a party.
4. We could go for a walk if it …(not rain).
5. If only I had done my homework yesterday, I (not get) bad mark today.
6. If I visit my Nora, she …(make) her special lemonade.
7. I would watch more films if I …(have) more free time.
8. If I …(go) to the cinema with Jane, I would have met her cousin.
9. If I had much money,I (buy) this wonderful castle.
10. I … (visit) Harry if someone had told me she was in hospital.

3. Complete the phrasal verbs with the correct particle.
1. Don’t carry … staying out late!
2. Pam carried … a diploma in the writing competition.
3. She gives me one or two errands to carry… every day.
4. We have the experience to carry… any tasks in this branch.
5.. Her kindness carried me … a difficult moment of my life.

4. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition or particle “to”

1. I long … become the best student at my school.
2. If you cheat … an exam, you will drop out .
3. This agency is doing research … space technology.
4. He graduated … school in 1989.
5. Most of her students succeeded …becoming professional sportsmen.

5. Match the form exchanges.

1. How are you getting on at university?
2. Have you heard from Ron recently?
3. I’m going really well.
4. It’s really difficult.
5. How is your brother now?

a. He is much better now, thanks
b. I can’t imagine
c. I love it
d. That’s great
e. I haven’t seen him since Monday

6. You will hear 5 statements, match each speaker (1-5) with the statements (A-E). Each statement can only be used once.

A. I want to do something that lets me see lots of different places.
B. I want to be my own boss.
C. I want to do sth to fight unfairness in the world.
D. I want to work for an environmental organization.
E. It’s difficult to earn enough money doing what I love.


1. attend/ longs/ overcame/ achieve/ are dropped out/
2. would invite /would have stopped/ would have/ wasn’t raining/ had got / will/ had/ had gone/ die/
/would have visited/
3. out/ off/ on/ through/ out/
4. in/ from/ into/ in/ to/
5. c/ d/ e/ b/ a/
Автор: Шпакова А.Г.
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