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17 декабря 2020
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Пример ответа на 4 задание ЕГЭ по английскому

Пробники ЕГЭ по иностранным языкам
При ответе на это задание нам нужно сказать 12-15 фраз. Обговаривая все необходимые пункты, вы легко наберет 12+ предложений. Главное при выполнении этого задания – уложиться в эти две минуты. Как вы помните, после истечения двух минут, запись ответа прекращается.


Пример ответа на 4 задание ЕГЭ по английскому

I’d like to compare and contrast these two pictures.

1) If we look at the first picture, we can see a family opening presents at home. In the second picture there are children standing with presents in their hands in the park.

2) As for the similarities between these two pictures, firstly they demonstrate different ways of celebrations. Also, both pictures show us people who are happy to be together on a holiday.

3) As for the differences between these two photos, in the first picture we can see people celebrating Christmas. The second picture shows us a birthday party. Another important difference is that there is a small celebration in the first picture, while there is a big party in the second one.
4) As a child I preferred the celebration shown in photo 1…

5) … because I used to be really shy and didn’t like many people around me. Also, I was really fond of our family parties.

That’s all I wanted to say.
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