Пробники ЕГЭ
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10 июня 2021
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Пробники ЕГЭ по иностранным языкам
В тестовой форме. 2 варианта по 25 заданий.


1. There are just a few of the questions to which they _____their mystery.

a) are devoting
b) had devoted
c) is devoting

2. Recently BBC experts ______ a new system that lets the deaf understand television programmes.

a) have invented
b) invented
c) to invent

3. American schools for many years ______ federal aid for special purposes.

a) have received
b) received
c) receive

4. He ______ everything except his last paper.

a) did
b) have done
c) has done

5. You are a good football-player. Since when ______you ______football?

a) have … been playing
b) did …. play
c) had … been playing

6. Perhaps in the future men _____ on the sea, away from the crowded and noisy cities on hand.

a) will live
b) would live
c) are living

7. During the apprenticeship period the student ______ to earn money.

a) shall begin
b) would begin
c) will begin

8. As your leader I’ll tell you about our future excursions. We ____ by tram at nine in the morning and coming back at about seven.

a) shall be leaving
b) shall leave
c) shall have been leaving

9. Probably, I ____ ____ ____my friends at this time.

a) shall have visited
b) shall be visiting
c) have visited

10. – Has Ann made up her mind on what to do after finishing school?
– Oh, yes. She ____ ____ the University.

a) is going to enter
b) enters
c) entering

11. – Can you come over to me on Friday?
– Sorry, I’d love to, but I ____ for Paris tomorrow?

a) leave
b) am leaving
c) will leaving

12. – Have you finished the translation yet?
– I ____ the translation by nine o’clock tomorrow morning.

a) shall going have finished
b) have finished
c) had finished

13. Don’t call on me. I _____ for Kiev by noon.

a) should leave
b) shall have left
c) left

14. ____ they ____ in the mountain for a month by July?

a) Will … travel
b) Will … have been travel
c) Will … be travelling

15. Sir Walter was a proud knight, and ___ to think that he had to submit to the commands of a tyrant lord.

a) had hated
b) was hating
c) hated

16. Dinosaurs ___ millions of years ago.

a) died out
b) had died out
c) were died out

17. It was late in the year when the Pilgrims ____ and founded a colony.

a) were landing
b) had landed
c) landed

18. My parents were sick, they didn’t have much money, so they ____ pretty desperate.

a) were getting
b) are getting
c) have gotten

19. Those who couldn’t do it _____ TV or looking through the newspaper.

a) were watching
b) have watched
c) are watching

20. By the sixteenth century a new economic system ____ ____ feudalism.

a) replaced
b) was replacing
c) had replaced

21. The war broke out in 1914. The European ruling classes ____ for it for twenty years.

a) prepared
b) had prepared
c) had been preparing

22. It was pointed out that the patient _____ treatment for heart problems for a year.

a) had been having
b) had
c) would have been having

23. By 1787 it was believed that the unity of states _______.

a) is disintegrating
b) will disintegrate
c) would disintegrate

24. He wondered if she _____ the article by noon.

a) would be translating
b) would translate
c) would have translate

25. Over 57 million students _____ in American schools which range from kindergartens to high schools.

a) were enrolled
b) are enrolled
c) has been enrolled


1 – a,
2 – a,
3 – a,
4– c,
5 – a,
6 – a,
7– c,
8 – a,
9 – b,
10 – a,
11 – b,
12 – a,
13 – b,
14 – b,
15 – c,
16 – a,
17– c,
18 – a,
19– a,
20 – c,
21 – c,
22 – a,
23 – c,
24 – c,
25 – b.
Автор: Каручева Марина Магомедовна.
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