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19 января 2023
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Лексико-грамматическое тестирование по английскому языку для 10 класса

Пробники ОГЭ по иностранным языкам
20 вопросов.


1 уровень

1. A good memory is a useful … for learning.

a) produces
b) tool
c crop
d trade

2. I am taking lessons to … my singing.

a) invent
b) lead
c) improve
d) achieve

3. I dream … going to London.

a) of
b) at
c) on
d) in

4. He thanked me …. helping him.

a) of
b) for
c) at
d) on

5. She often complains …. Mike speaking loudly.

a) about
b) on
c) for
d) at

6. Many Scottish people…..use some Scottish words when they speak English.

a) yet
b) already
c) else
d) still

7) We travelled…..a comfortable bus.

a) on
b) in
c) at
d) by

8) That was the summer…..I got my diploma.

a) where
b) when
c) which
d) why

9) You…..be so rude to the customers.

a) couldn’t
b) shouldn’t
c) might not
d) aren’t likely to

10) Cycling…… than parachuting.

a) least dangerous
b) the least dangerous
c) least danger
d) less dangerous

2 уровень

11) I don’t have any….but I would like to have a sister or a brother.

a) brothers
b) siblings
c) relatives
d) cousins

12) Some fashionable clothes may…..some students from their studies.

a) protect
b) avoid
c) distract
d) support

13) It’s always….to see people spitting in the street.

a) rude
b) annoying
c) funny
d) cheerful

14) By living in a foreign country you will learn the language by…..

a) experience
b) admission
c) assumption
d) immersion

15) If I were you, I…..them not to interfere.

a) would tell
b) will tell
c) tell
d) would have told

16) He is soaking wet because it…..all the morning.

a) has been raining
b) has rained
c) rained
d) rains

17) Could you, please, stop…..so much noise!

a) making
b) doing
c) to make
d) to do

18) If you…… a chance, I will explain everything to you.

a) will give
b) give
c) gave
d) had given

19) The plane…..at 6.

a) takes off
b) is taking off
c) will take off
d) take off

20) I Looked for my newspaper, but I couldn’t find it…..

a) nowhere
b) somewhere
c) anywhere
d) anything


1) b
2) c
3) a
4) b
5) a
6) d
7) d
8) b
9) b
10) d
11) b
12) c
13) b
14) d
15) a
16) a
17) a
18) b
19) a
20) c
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