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4 января 2023
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Проверочная работа по английскому языку в 9 классе

Пробники ОГЭ по иностранным языкам
Mid test.


1. When Jane was a child, she…a lot of books about sea monsters.

a) Was having
b) used to have
c) use to have

2. Can you be a little more careful, please? You…coffee on my dress!

a) Spill
b) will be spilling
c) are going to spill

3. There have been many reported…of Bigfoot all over the world.

a) Sights
b) sightings
c) illusions

4. Mark, …brother works on the ISS, wants to become an astronaut some day.

a) Who
b) whose
c) which

5. Experts say machines that will do most of household chores will soon…part of our everyday life.

a) Become
b) overcome
c) exist

6. A horrifying sea monster creates a…whirlpool and pulls large ships to the bottom of the sea.

a) Sharp
b) rustling
c) violent

7. We believe that scientists will create robots that will be… to think on their own.

a) Too clever
b) enough clever
c) clever enough

8. Mary…for three years before she sold her first painting.

a) was painting
b) had painted
c) had been painting

9. The atmosphere at the carnival was fantastic; people were throwing …and dancing in the streets

a) Crackers
b) streamers
c) fireworks

10. Mary…along the road when a huge creature came out of the forest.

a) Drove
b) was driving
c) had been driving

11. It …have been John who answered the phone last night; I know there was nobody else home.

a) Must
b) can
c) may

12. Cake sales are a great way to…money for charities, as they are easy to organize.

a) Win
b) raise
c) attract

13. Tom …skydiving before, and he was very excited about his first dive.

a) Had never tried
b) has never tried
c) hadn’t never tried

14. Peter avoids…his secrets if he doesn’t trust people.

a) Tell
b) to tell
c) telling

15. She isn’t very…; she avoids meeting new people.

a) Silly
b) helpful
c) sociable

16. Objects in space float because of the…of gravity.

a) Zero
b) lack
c) vacuum

17. We always sing Christmas songs, as it is a…tradition in my family.

a) Bright
b) strong
c) life

18. We enjoyed the opportunity to experience… as knights at the England’s Medieval festival.

a) Contest
b) life
c) feel

19. The Tulip Festival takes place every May and is one of Holland’s most popular…events.

a) Monthly
b) annual
c) daily

20. Why …this cheese? Is there something wrong with it?

a) You are smelling
b) do you smell
c) are you smelling

21. …stunning costumes they are wearing!

a) What
b) how
c) what a

22. My neighbour is very…; she always peeps at me from behind the curtains.

a) Arrogant
b) nosy
c) noisy

23. Do you mind…off the phone? I need to make a call.

a) Getting
b) get
c) to get

24. His parents never let him…out late at night.

a) Stay
b) to stay
c) staying

25. You must…your homework.

a) To do 
b) do 
c) doing


1) b
2) c
3) b
4) b
5) a
6) c
7) c
8) c
9) b
10) b
11) a
12) b
13) a
14) c
15) c
16) b
17) b
18) b
19) b
20) c
21) a
22) b
23) a
24) a
25) b
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