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3 декабря 2020
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Вопросы к заданию 2 ОГЭ по английскому

ОГЭ по иностранным языкам
Список возможных вопросов в задании 2 ОГЭ по английскому языку.

1. How long have you been living in your city, village or town?
2. When was your city, village or town founded?
3. What is the place where you live famous for?
4. What is the best season for visiting your city, village or town and why?
5. What is your favorite place in your city, village or town and why?
6. What place in your home town would you recommend visiting?
7. What foreign languages can you learn in your school?
8. How many English lessons a week do you have?
9. For what reasons do people learn foreign languages nowadays?
10. What is the most effective way of learning foreign languages in your opinion?
11. Do you think English will be useful for you in the future? In what way?
12. What language would you recommend your English-speaking friends to learn? Why?
13. Where would you like to live in a big city or in a country?
14. What are the advantages of living in a country?
15. What is the main ecological problem in a place where you live?
16. Do you and your friends care about ecology? Why?
17. Have you ever taken part in any ecological project at school?
18. What would you recommend to a person who wants to improve the ecological situation in his or her home town?
19. How many classes do you usually have a day?
20. What sports facilities do you have in your school?
21. What clubs and societies can you attend in your school?
22. What school events like concerts or performances do you have in your school during a year?
23. Do you enjoy taking part in these school events? Why?
24. What event would recommend organizing in your school? Why?
25. How many lessons of PE do you have in a week?
26. What sport do you do regularly?
27. What winter sports are popular with you and your friends?
28. Would you like to do any extreme sports? Why or why not?
29. What would you recommend to a teenager who wants to be healthy and fit?
30. When do you get up on weekdays?
31. What do you prefer to eat for breakfast in the morning?
32. How long does it take you to get to school?
33. What is your favorite part of the day, morning, evening or afternoon? Why?
34. What do you do to help your parents about the house?
35. What would you recommend for teenagers who are often late for school?
36. What kind of music do you usually listen to?
37. What musical instrument would like to learn to play?
38. What clubs or societies do you attend in your school?
39. How often do you have concerts and performances in your school?
40. What would you recommend to your friend to make his free time more interesting?
41. What would you prefer going to the theater watching TV at home? Why?
42. What time do you go to bed in the evening?
43. How many hours of sleep in your opinion should a teenager have each day?
44. What foods do you think are good for people’s health?
45. What sports activities should teenagers do to stay fit and healthy?
46. What usually makes teenagers stay awaked till late at night?
47. What would you recommend to a person who has problems with getting to sleep?
48. How many lessons do you usually have?
49. What subject do you find the most difficult?
50. What is your favorite weekday? Why?
51. What sports facilities do you have in your school?
52. Do you think school uniform is necessary or not? Why?
53. What would you recommend your friends to improve their English?
54. How old are you?
55. How often do you go to the cinema?
56. What kinds of films do you like most?
57. Why do you think many people prefer watching films at home?
58. What do you like to do in your free time?
59. How can films in English help people improve their English?
60. What film would you recommend your friends see and why?
61. What kind of books do you like to read?
62. Who is your favorite writer?
63. How often do you borrow books from a library?
64. Why do you think teenagers read less and less nowadays?
65. How can reading English books help students improve their English?
66. What book would you recommend to your friend who wants to read something for pleasure? Why?
67. Who usually does the shopping in your family?
68. What can you buy in your nearest shopping center?
69. How often do you usually go shopping?
70. Why are shopping centers so popular nowadays?
71. Why do some people hate shopping?
72. What time would you recommend to busy people go shopping?
73. How much free time do you have on weekdays?
74. How do you and your friends usually spend your free time?
75. Who do you prefer to spend your free time with?
76. What after school activities do you take part in?
77. Do you think everyone should find some time to do sports? Why?
78. What hobby would you do if you had more free time?
79. What is your favourite season?
80. Where do you usually spend your holidays?
81. What do you like to during your winter holidays?
82. How often do you and your family travel?
83. What type of transport do you find the most convenient? Why?
84. What place in your country would you recommend to tourists to visit?
85. When do you get up at weekdays?
86. What do you prefer to eat for breakfast in the morning?
87. How long does it take you to get to school?
88. What is your favourite part of the day and why?
89. What do you do to help your parents about the house?
90. What would you recommend to teenagers who are always late to school?
91. When did you get your first mobile phone?
92. What do you usually use your mobile phone for?
93. How do you feel when you forget your mobile phone at home?
94. Do you think it is right that mobile phones are not allowed in some schools?
95. In what places would you recommend people to switch off their mobile phones and why?
96. What is your favourite school subject?
97. When did you start learning English?
98. What do you do at your English lessons?
99. Do you find learning English easy or difficult? Why?
100. What other foreign language would you like to learn? Why?
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Преступление и наказание - вечная тема. Разбор направления

Сочинение | Сегодня, 16:00

В этом видео мы проанализируем тематическое направление итогового сочинения 2021 года «Преступление и наказание — вечная тема», изучим официальный комментарий ФИПИ, определим аспекты направления, поговорим о возможных темах и произведениях художественной литературы, в которых есть аргументы для раскрытия тем данного направления.