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3 декабря 2022
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Задание 2 устной части ЕГЭ по английскому языку

Наиболее распространенные вопросы к заданию №2.


О чём надо спросить Как задать вопрос
1 age restriction/
minimum age limit
Is there a minimum age restriction for this film?
What is the minimum age limit for this film?
2 age of (something) How old is (something)?
3 availability of (something) Is (something)  available?
4 beginning of the course When does the course begin/start?
5 courses available What courses are available at your school?
6 cost of (something) How much does (something) cost?
7 credit card acceptance Do you accept credit cards for payment?
8 date of delivery What is the possible date of delivery?
9 directions to the hotel/gym How can I get to your hotel/gym?
10 discounts for groups/party reductions Are there any discounts for groups?
Are group discounts available?
11 discounts for students Are there any discounts for students?
12 distance from the city centre How far is the hotel from the city centre?
13 duration of the course/tour/flight How long is the course/tour/flight?
14 entrance/admission fee What is the entrance/admission fee?
How much is the ticket?
How much does the tour cost?
15 cancellation Is cancellation possible?
16 hotel facilities What facilities are available at the hotel?
17 if breakfast is included Is breakfast included into the price?
18 if textbooks are included Are textbooks included into the price?
19 location of the hotel/gym/club Where is your hotel/gym/club situated/located?
20 nearest car park/ parking garage Where is the nearest car park/ parking garage?
21 number of lessons per week How many lessons are there per week?
22 number of students in
the group
How many students are there in the group?
23 online (advance) reservation/booking Can I book/purchase a ticket online (in advance)?
Can I reserve a room online?
24 opening hours (of the club)/
hours of operation
What are the opening hours of the club?
When is the club open? When do you work?
25 photo permission /taking pictures Is it allowed to take pictures during the tour?
Can I take photos during the tour?
26 possible accommodation What kind of accommodation do you offer?
27 (double/single) room
price per night
What is the (double/single) room price per night?
28 price for a three-week course What is the price for a three-week course?
29 refund for a ticket Can I get a refund for a ticket if I miss the concert?
30 type of (clothes) sold What types of (clothes) do you sell?
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