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К заданию №40 ЕГЭ по английскому языку.

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1. N/Ving has a lot of benefits/advantages.

Wearing a school uniform…
Learning languages…
Living alone...
Sharing housework...

2. N/Ving helps to increase/improve/decrease smth.

Having a role model helps to increase our interest in education.
Playing music in classrooms helps to increase student's ability to perform well in exams.
Tourism helps to improve infrastructure.
Economic growth helps to improve the standard of living.
This invention helps to decrease the amount of dangerous chemicals released into the atmosphere.
Wearing uniforms helps to increase students' self-esteem.

3. People who V/don’t V are more likely/less likely to V

People who don't have breakfast are more likely to be overweight and develop heart issues Students who wear uniforms are more likely to feel that they are part of a team.
Teenagers who don't do sports are more likely to feel isolated and depressed.
Young people who have jobs are less likely to get into trouble.

4. N/Ving gives people a chance/an oppportunity to V

Going to school gives people a chance to communicate and form friendships..
Getting good education gives people a chance to get a better job, make more money, and have a better life.
School trips give students a chance to acquire new information.

5. N/Ving allows smb to V

Walking allows you to avoid traffic jams.
Cars allow people to travel at their own convenience...

8. N/Ving can lead to N/Ving

Having a hobby can lead to getting new skills, knowledge, and experience.
Spending much time in front of the screen leads to decreased physical activity and interaction with others.

9. N/Ving may cause more harm than good

Too much homework...

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