Темы эссе на ЕГЭ-2018

Темы основного периода ЕГЭ-2018 по английскому языку (задание №40).

1. Digital literacy is the key to success in any occupation

2. Friendship is the greatest gift of life

3. One should read about historical sites before sightseeing

4. Show me your room and I will tell you who you are

5. An early choice of career path is the key to success

6. Science is the first thing to be financed in the modem world

7. The skill of handwriting will be unnecessary soon

8. One should not pay too much attention to fashion

9. Childhood is not the best time of one's life

10. Studying online is better than regular classes

11. The 1 st of September is a special day not only for students and teachers

12. Tourism in Russia has great potential

13. There's no place like home

14. It is wrong to make pupils read a lot in summer

15. ...survival in the forest...
4 августа 2018
Математика ← Задание 14
Найдите точку максимума функции

Математика ← Задание 7
Найдите радиус окружности, вписанной в треугольник ABC, считая стороны квадратных клеток равными 1.

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