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1 ноября 2017
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Темы эссе к ЕГЭ по английскому

Список тем эссе для подготовки к письменной части ЕГЭ по английскому языку.

Topics of Essays in English
Life of people / society / family / money / laws
1. Life in a big city / life in the country
2. Modern and old life - quietness/ more opportunities
3. Men withstand age better than women and remain attractive longer
4. "Man is born for happiness" / "The only one is worthy for happiness and freedom, who struggles for them every day"
5. Family is the most important thing in life.
6. Only talented people can achieve success / hard work compensates for the lack of talent
7. Money - happiness and joy / a source of trouble
8. Money - the only way to success
9. Families with 1 child (nuclear family) / life in a big (extended) family
10. Cloning experiments
11. Freedom of press - achievements of democracy / journalistic mistakes
12. Holiday celebrations - enjoyment / just a day-off
13. Preparing for holidays is more fun than celebrating them.
14. The best holidays are those which have got special traditions of celebration
15. A person can have only 1 true friend
16. Life - long friendship exists only in films.
17. Sending to prison - the only way of punishment
18. Death penalty - an appropriate punishment for murderers
19. Appearances are deceitful
20. Coins and paper money / credit and bank cards
21. Famous pop and sports stars earn too much money.
22. A popular actor’s life is always fun.
23. Honesty is the best policy.
24. The best things in life are free.
Life of young people
1. Modern teens - awful / criticized for no reason
2. Being young - fun and entertainment / not easy
3. Childhood is the safest period of human life.
4. In Europe children begin an independent life at 18…
5. Part-time jobs for teens
6. Pocket money - teaches to be responsible / parents should buy everything
7. Giving extra pocket money for good marks
8. Young people are not as healthy as 50 years ago
9. Youth contacts / students’ exchange programs
10. Subcultures
12. It is easier to make friends than to keep them.
12. Friendship /love is the most important thing in life.
13. Circus is the best entertainment for children.
Education / school / teachers
1. Education is compulsory, school is not
2. Future education - books / computers
3. Good education - at home /abroad
4. On-line education - good / bad
5. All subjects at school are equally useful
6. Homework - too much , no time to do it properly
7. School uniforms
8. Pupils should take part in making decisions about school problems / too young
9. School trips - interesting and educational / waste of time
10. Teachers - noble / not as respected as it used to be
11. Teachers - knowledgeable / make teaching enjoyable and fun
12. Are exams a fair way of testing students?
13. Boys and girls should study separately
14. Is it better to have a 5-day or a 6-day week at school?
15. Producing a school magazine - develops creativity, teaches different skills / waste of time
16. School classmates make the best friends
17. School friendship can’t last forever.
18. Students do not study enough modern authors and literature.
19. Education polishes good natures and corrects bad ones.
20. A University degree is a must for success in modern world.
Learning foreign languages
1. Learning foreign languages - a waste of time
2. Learning foreign languages - abroad or at home
3. To learn only English or 2-3 languages
4. Entertaining way of learning a foreign language - to learn words of songs/lyrics
5. 1 language on the planet - it is good / a disaster
6. Russian is easier to learn than English.
Choosing a career
1. Choosing a career - following in one’s parents’ footsteps
2. Some teens want to have a highly paid job /others - interesting and bringing satisfaction
3. After leaving school - education or work / gap year
4. Some people think that success in life is making a career only.
5. Some people don’t like to have a working day from 9 to 5.
6. Work is the most important thing in life.

Technology (TV / mobiles / cars / bikes / computers / space)
1. Cars changed the world / it’s better without them
2. Cars should be banned in the centre of big cities
3. Bikes should be banned in the centre of big cities
4. People spend too much money on space exploration
5. UFOs - claim to have seen them / sci-fi
6. Technology - an important part of our lives / too many machines
7. Technical devices do more harm than good
8. Computers- help better education / only playing games
9. Computer games - children+ / parents - (teach nothing , children should avoid them)
10. Computer - physical activity
11. Virtual reality - a part of our life / dangerous
12. TV - negative effect on people’s health
13. TV destroys family life / enriches it
14. Children watch too much TV
15. Soap operas
16. Reality shows
17. TV advertising
18. Internet / social networking is the most popular way of communication
Sports / Health
1. Sport - enjoyable / not useful
2. Doing sports regularly / watch sports events
3. Extreme sports help to build a character / very dangerous
4. Professional sports
5. Olympic Games - pro and contra
6. Dieting - the only way of losing weight
7. Eating out / at home
8. Genetically modified food
9. Exotic diets
10. Fast food / McDonalds
11. Smoking
12. Sport unites.
13. Sport reduces stress.
14. Health is the most important thing in life.
15. It’s beneficial to host international sports events.
Hobbies / fashion
1. Collecting things
2. Collection of photo albums / to store photos in a computer
3. To knit or not to knit?
4. How music influences us?
5. Music helps to avoid stress / distracts from daily routine.
6. Writing letters
7. Books / film version
8. Reading detectives - a waste of time?
9. Reading adventure stories - a waste of time?
10. Some people think that we do not need poetry
11. Graffiti - a form of art / vandalism
12. Cinema / theatre
13. Clothes affects how you feel / don’t care how you look
14. Fashion industry exists to persuade people to spend money on things you really don’t need
15. Sewing and knitting clothes home is a waste of time and money
16. Clothes that people wear influences their behavior
17. Following a fashion is a waste of time and money.
18. Bookshops / libraries will soon be the sign of the past.
Tourism / Travelling
1. Tourism broadens our mind
2. Tourism ruins everything
3. Travelling - experience new things / lie on the beach
4. International / domestic tourism
5. Why young people like travelling more than senior citizens
6. Buying souvenirs is a waste of money.
7. Cultural differences cause problems, it’s better to stay in one’s own country
8. Tourism abroad helps to understand your own country.
9. Visiting museums is still important nowadays.
Environment / Animals
1. Our future will be… - optimistic / pessimistic point of view
2. Climate changes - serious concern / not a big deal
3. Zoos for animals - fair or not
4. Experiments on animals - cruel and unnecessary
5. Neglected animals - life in the streets / to be collected and put into shelters
6. Pet animals - to keep / not to keep
7. Pets reduce stress
8. Pollution is the greatest problem caused by people.
9. Growth of cities / technical progress is harmful for the environment.
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