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1 мая 2017
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Структура эссе по английскому языку

Структура и основные выражения в помощь для написания эссе.

Абзац Предложение Образец
1. Вступление
 Обозначение проблемы Nowadays, the problem of … causes great argument and controversy.
In today’s world,
the issue of …  is considered to be a matter of common concern/the main concern of …
Комментарий к проблеме Some people believe that … while others think…
On the one hand, … on the other hand … .
Риторический вопрос Where is the truth?
Who is right?
2. Выражение собственного мнения Тезис In my opinion, …
As for me, I believe that…
My personal view is that…
1 аргумент To begin with,
To start with,
2 аргумент What is more,
3 аргумент Finally,
3. Выражение противопо-ложного мнения Тезис However, there exists another point of view on this issue.
Nevertheless, one can consider this problem from another angle.
1 аргумент First of all,
The first thing to be considered is …
2 аргумент Another fact is that …
4. Несогласие с мнением оппонентов Тезис + 1-й контраргумент Despite my respect for this opinion, I cannot share it because …
Nevertheless, I cannot agree with this statement,  because…
2- й контраргумент Moreover, one should not ignore the fact that…
Finally, …
5. Заключение Вывод In conclusion, I would like to say that the problem of… is still to be discussed.
Taking into consideration all mentioned above, It is important to understand…
Комментарий As far as I am concerned, the point is to…

Автор: Смирнова Анна Николаевна.
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