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Пункт плана Примерные фразы
Beginning I’ve chosen photo number ... (обязательно начинаем с этой фразы!)
Introduction - As you know, I’ve got a little brother. He is mad about animals. Just look.
- As I’ve told you, my family likes travelling. Look at this photo. Isn’t it wonderful?
- You know that I often take photos for my school projects. Have a look at this one.
- As a rule, I take a lot of photos during my holidays.
- Guess what? I’m going to show you one of my photos.
Question 1:
- where and when the photo was taken
(пояснение о том, где вы были тогда, с кем, почему)
- I took this photo last winter when I went to the mountains with my family. It was an unforgettable trip!
- Look at this photo. I took it two days ago when I was in the country with my friends. We had a wonderful time!
- I took this photo last summer. The weather was very hot at that time and our family decided to go to the seaside.
Question 2:
- what/who is in the photo
(кого, где, имя, возраст/что).
(In the foreground/background there is/are)
- In the photo you can see my sister. Her name is Irina and she is a good athlete. Whenever she has free time, she goes to the stadium to exercise.
- You can see some funny children in the playground. There is a simple football gate behind them. The grass is bright green and the trees in the background are green too.
Question 3:
- what is happening
(внешность, одежда, настроение; погода; кто что делает (Present Continuous); атмосфера (The atmosphere is calm and friendly/relaxing.))
- My twelve-year-old brother looks a bit older than his age. He is sitting on a thick branch of an old tree. I guess he is dreaming or thinking about something for him. He is wearing smart clothes. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing.
Question 4:
- why you keep the photo in your album
- Do you ask me why I took this photo? Just because I love animals very much. It’s the most popular theme of my pictures.
- My sister is really photogenic and she always asks me to take photos showing her in different situations. That’s why I took this picture.
- My English pen pal asked me to tell him about my family. I’m sure that a picture is worth a thousand words. So I took this photo and sent it to him.
Question 5:
- why you decided to show the picture to your friend
(фото заинтересовало друга; узнай его мнение)
- I’d to know your opinion about this photo...-
- I knew that you are keen on.../ - You’ve got a good sense of humour so...
- I’d like to upload this photo to my blog, but I’m not sure if it’ll be interesting to my readers! So I decided to show the picture to you and listen to your opinion. Two heads are better than one!
- By the way, my English pen pal asked me to tell him about my (что на фото)..... I’m sure that a picture is worth a thousand words. So I decided to show this picture to you and listen to your opinion if it’ll be interesting to him. Two heads are better than one.
(1-2 фразы о вашем отношении к фото)
- In conclusion I want to say that I like this photo very much and it makes me feel happy.
- In my opinion, this photo is really nice and makes you happy.
- The atmosphere of the picture is really exciting/kind/etc.
- I like this photo very much. It’s really beautiful!
- This photo reminds me of the best moments of my life.
- I decided to show this photo to you because it carries pleasant memories.
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